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In a world, where people with special desires are hard pressed to find safe, accommodating spaces to explore their true selves, the Kink Ministry’s Inc grants access to a social haven – where you care meet, share and explore your wildest, deepest desires.

We are a Facebook alternative community that is political censorship free and challenges traditional norms.  So much of what has been decided for you is based on religious ideology that limits thinking.  This is more than just a kink site, it promotes rethinking solutions.  Please join and check us out!



Kink Ministry’s is a realm of the future for those who want to go beyond. Transcend the boundaries set by society and enter a realm of modernization for those who want to go beyond.

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KINK Ministry’s Inc. is a social networking website that serves people's interests in modernization, alternative lifestyles, and rethinking solutions.

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