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Kink Ministry’s Inc

About Us

KINK Ministry’s Inc. is a collective of like-minded people from our synergistic think tank from all around the world. Engaging in critical thought, discussion, organized debate, and networking. Our existence is predicated on challenging the consensus. Moreover we promote a safe, informative and entertaining environment that places Alternative Lifestyles, Fetishism and Art at its forefront. In seeing something more creator-driven. Our experience has been that there are so many creators (and their followers) that are hard-pressed to have a place to organize that isn’t Facebook.

With Kink Ministry’s Inc, we offer something that looks great and high-end – something that is as depraved as you want to be. Up until now, social networking for people like you seemed to be nonexistent. Kink Ministry’s Inc. offers an unbiased approach that provides the user with the opportunity to create their own experience in a loose archetypal social networking frame.


Kink Ministry’s Inc. offers you the unique opportunity to customize your kinky experiences according to your own personal preferences – explore your deepest, darkest desires with Kink Ministry’s Inc.


With Kink Ministry’s Inc., we govern all our services, products and events with the utmost discretion to ensure your comfort. Shed your fear, apprehensions and enter the forbidden Kingdom.


Embrace your thoughts that you haven’t yet shared with anyone.

Our History

KINK Ministry’s Inc. is a collaborative endeavor organized with the purpose of influencing and forecasting the Future of Global KINK. Our Global Mission is dedicated to the Preservation of KINK through awareness and empowering alternative lifestyles.

The Ministry’s is universally accepting of all and is inherently non-religious. The KINK Ministry’s takes place 250 yrs in the future when all KINK has been banned globally along with the infringement of all other civil liberties and the Vanillas rule the world. At this time in the future KINK was recognized and found to be an Organized Religious Cult by the Federal court systems around the world.

There was a Army Chaplain who was killed in the 4th World War between the KINK-sters and the Vanillas. The Chaplin tried to save a world that did not want to be saved and was sacrificed in its wake. After being assassinated by the Vanillas as a political favor for the one-world government, the chaplain’s remains were confiscated by an unknown party, and were cryogenically frozen, later to be exhumed.

That’s when Kink Ministry’s Inc. came into being. The mysterious resurrection of this solider gave birth to KINK Minister K.W. and the KINK Ministry’s.

KINK Ministry’s Inc. is a social networking website that serves people's interests in modernization, alternative lifestyles, and rethinking solutions.

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