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We are a socially conscious Kink Movement that is welcoming of all who are involved and not involved in Kink. We are also veteran-owned. We are global citizens who are non-partisan. Having spent the majority of the last fifteen years living around the world in eleven different countries has given us keen insight on improvements that can be made within our communities here within the US and around the world. At a time when other social media sites are following the path of censorship such as Facebook and Twitter, we are 100% transparent. We are supporters of our country’s internal Rapid modernization process. We provide a space that promotes individualism, creativity, and commercial business opportunities for our members. We believe in the promotion of business-driven friendships to ensure sustainability within our relationships. We will not censor unless it interferes with our ethics that promote the greater good of humanity and all lives matter. We will also be sure to proactively eliminate all scam artists, catfish, and those who threaten the peace and tranquility of our operational existence and our obligations to our members.

Our intention is to influence and Facilitate Commercial Trade and Sales and Re-sale of Merchendise

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KINK Ministry’s Inc. is a social networking website that serves people's interests in modernization, alternative lifestyles, and rethinking solutions.

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